Why Choose Sovereign Play Equipment?

Sovereign has the know-how to create and install an imaginative, stimulating and safe outdoor play area. Our experience and expertise within the education sector is second to none, and this is why designing imaginative play and learning environments for children comes naturally to us.

An adolescent’s journey into adulthood begins in the playground, and our products support this growth from the early years through to Key Stages 1-4. We understand the significance of outdoor learning and integrate this with what is important for children, to develop products that directly relate to, and enhance, the National Curriculum especially within the seven areas of learning.

Our compassion and empathy enables us to deliver a personal approach that has never failed to bring our customers the best results. Our educationally-savvy national sales force works closely with our innovative Research and Development department. This enhances our natural ability to advise, design and create environments that are richly resourced with play materials for children, which in turn results in us maximising play value, safety and customer satisfaction.

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A Sovereign installation can satisfy all the benefits regarded as important to outdoor learning by:

  • encouraging healthy and active lifestyles through giving children the opportunity to engage in physical activity, movement and exercise
  • increasing young people’s confidence and well-being aswell as developing their creativity and resourcefulness
  • encouraging children to interact with one another, make new friends and develop social skills
  • allowing children to experience new challenges, assess risks and manage difficult situations in a safe and supervised environment
  • supporting the development of life skills such as problem solving,rule making, trial and error and exploring new ways of doing things
  • promoting knowledge and a greater involvement in National Curriculum subjects such as Maths and English
  • providing opportunities for imaginative role play,inventiveness and adventure
  • giving children the opportunity to investigate, explore and discover the natural world

The Importance of Linking Education and Play

At Sovereign we have been delivering specialist bespoke outdoor play spaces for over 20 years and we know that a rich and varied environment is key to a child’s learning and development. We know how to give children the confidence to explore and learn in a secure and safe, yet challenging outdoor space.

An appropriate outdoor space that can be:

  • a physical environment
  • an imaginative space
  • a key learning zone

Or one that includes all these areas. Which is where the help and support of our trained consultants with the core education knowledge and design know-how to create an imaginative, stimulating outdoor area gives you faith that Sovereign is the perfect partner for you.

It is during our initial consultation where between us we establish what your primary objectives are for your space, are you looking for:

  • Some where the children can play all year round
  • A space linked directly to the specific area of the curriculum
  • Something that forms part of your school improvement plan
  • Meeting the needs of children of different ages in a shared outdoor space
  • To improve areas highlighted by Ofsted
  • Increase the number of inclusive play opportunities in your outdoor area

At Sovereign we are able to meet all of these objectives with our outstanding range of meticulously designed equipment by our own team of product designers before they are expertly crafted by us especially for you.

We have a passionate understanding of the ongoing financial pressures facing schools and education and this is reflected in our pricing which is continuously monitored to make us competitively priced in the market resulting in maximum play value for you. It makes us proud that for so long we have been able to deliver outstanding outdoor environments to thousands of grateful customers.

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