Playground Repair, Maintenance, Inspection and Refurbishment Services

At Sovereign, we have been undertaking playground refurbishments in excess of 20 years and offer a range of essential inspection, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services for Schools, Commercial Play Areas, Local Council Parks and Parish Councils.

Essential repairs and refurbishment not only extends the life of your most popular pieces of play equipment, it postpones the need for costly replacement and ensures it’s safe for children to use.

With a number of playground companies no longer in business, or not offering an after care service, we have the ability and skills to carry out essential repairs on other companies’ equipment.    

From as little as £149.00 plus VAT we will happily undertake a site inspection to establish the condition of the equipment and offer genuine advice on whether a refurbishment is a viable option, followed up with a no obligation quotation detailing what parts can be repaired and those in need of replacement.   

We can undertake repairs and refurbishments on any manufacturer’s equipment and repair defects identified in inspection reports (either those undertaken by ourselves or by other inspection providers).  We are able to offer the following services:-
  • Replacement timbers
  • Re-painting metalwork
  • Replacement ropes / nets
  • Repairs, cleaning and revival of play surfacing
  • Replacement fixings / caps
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Re-define worn playground markings
  • Removal services
Playground Standard (BS EN 1176) states that an appropriate Inspection schedule must be established and maintained to prevent accidents.   Maintenance of all playground equipment is vital .
It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the play area safe, and delaying needed repairs not only shortens the life of the equipment but increases the risk of an accident. 

Why choose Sovereign for playground equipment repair?

We offer three different Inspection and Maintenance packages, so whether you require a one-off inspection or an on-going maintenance package, you can rest assured that we have an option for you.  

Our inspections are carried out by our RPII Operational Level registered and certified Inspectors, who will be able to advise you on all play equipment irrespective of the original supplier.  

The RPII provides the only acknowledged independent accreditation process for children’s play equipment.   Using a RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) play inspector is the best course of action to meet industry recommended standards.

It is your legal obligation as the owner of children’s play equipment to carry out and record regular inspection and routine maintenance, as in the event of an accident failure to have carried out these inspections, or to adequately record that the inspections have taken place leaves you as the owner vulnerable to a successful claim for compensation.

If you would like further information on our essential inspection, maintenance, repairs and refurbishment services or wish to arrange a site visit  please contact us today.

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