The Perfect Playground - What Should A Playground Have?
It’s no secret that children learn through play and a playground is one of the most crucial play areas for a child, whether that’s a child in early years settings or even of primary school age and beyond. Playgrounds help young minds and bodies develop without them even realising it; through enhancing their imagination, socialisation skills and even their physical coordination, strength and balance...
How Do I Keep Playground Equipment Clean & Maintained?
Whether children are attending a public playground or the playground of an educational setting, ensuring it's clean and well maintained is paramount, especially during what can only be described as troubling times due to COVID. Playgrounds are not just places for children to let off steam; they’re places for children to learn, to grow and to develop in what is expected to be a safe environment...
Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Playground Equipment Or Buy From A Supplier?
We understand only too well that budgets can have a huge impact on every aspect of life, especially playgrounds, whether that’s in an educational setting, a commercial playground setting or even your own backyard.
Benefits of reading for child development
In the digitally-dominated world of today, children are spending more of their spare time looking at screens. As a result, previously popular pastimes like playing outside and reading, are becoming less likely to engage children.
The best screen-free activities for a rainy day!
With more parents making an effort to minimise the amount of screen time their children have, we have compiled some of our favourite screen-free ways to spend rainy days with our families, so you can always be prepared for when the bad weather hits!
Is your play equipment safe?
Is your play equipment safe?
How to create a wild garden to encourage wildlife and insects
How to create a wild garden to encourage wildlife and insects
The best play activities to encourage teamwork and group play
The best play activities to encourage teamwork and group play
How to create a play space that encourages and promotes inclusive play
How to create a play space that encourages and promotes inclusive play
How exercise can benefit the mental health of children
It is no secret that exercise helps to keep our bodies healthy, and while we all know the benefits that an active lifestyle can have on our children’s physical health, we can also use exercise to improve their mental wellbeing.
Involving your pupils in the planning of a new playground
Involving your pupils in the decision making for purchasing and planning your indoor or outdoor play space.
Fundraising Ideas
Some of our favourite and unconventional fundraising ideas.
How to create a stimulating outdoor space
An exciting and challenging outdoor environment makes a world of difference to a child’s physical, mental and social development. Sovereign suggests five top tips to improve your school’s open spaces.
Tips to get Young People active
In an effort to reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses later in life, experts recommend that children aged 5-18 years should be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day*. At school, there are endless opportunities to help promote increased activity for children.
GUIDE: Creating an inclusive play environment
With the correct guidance, creating an outdoor environment to support learning, while offering hours of happy, safe play, can be easily achieved. Julie Pearce, Play Space Consultant at Sovereign, explains what should be considered when planning and designing a rewarding play and learning area for children with SEN.
Play can be a great factor in encouraging children to develop the skills needed to form friendships – and those taking part in a scheme by Chuckle Productions, sponsored by Sovereign, have had the opportunity to practice this first hand.
2 Golds and a Bronze for Kiera!
A Young Athlete sponsored by Sovereign has achieved two Gold medals and a Bronze after a fantastic season of GB and European championships.
Children taking part in a project to find out if a series of structured lunchtime play sessions can help to improve their social skills have had the opportunity to take what they’ve learnt outdoors for the first time, with positive results.
Imaginative play has been introduced to children taking part in a pilot programme by Chuckle Productions, with some great results being found, validating the positive impact it has on children’s social skills and creativity.
A very exciting project run by Chuckle Productions, sponsored by Sovereign, has continued to show signs of success after the spring school term ended with promising results. If you haven’t been following the initiative, you can learn about it here.
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