Sovereign Strive For Greatness
With over 70 jobs per week under their belt, Sovereign Play, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of playground equipment, are busy to say the least. Yet despite their continued work, keeping them travelling daily up and down the UK to install the equipment they manufacture, Sovereign still takes the time to analyse their work and abilities. Perhaps it’s this that has helped them not only survive the current pandemic but thrive, separating th
How To Make The Most Of Outdoor Spaces In Schools?
It’s fair to say that each school is different and this goes for the outdoor space that each educational setting boasts too. While some schools may have acres of outdoor space to work with, others may only have a courtyard. Despite this, it’s imperative that schools do all they can to make the most of their outdoor areas. In this article, we’re looking at how you can make the most of your outdoor spaces, regardless of size and shape.
What Are Adventure Towers & How To Get One For Your Playground?
Adventure Towers are an exciting and innovative design. While they’re relatively new, playgrounds themselves aren’t. Over the years however, playgrounds have changed with the times. Not only have they become more adventurous, but they’ve also become far more safety conscious too.
Why Should You Invest In A New Playground?
When it comes to playgrounds, it’s clear to see when they’re starting to look a little past their prime. Whether it’s broken pieces, wear and tear that looks beyond repair or a simple dated look; an old playground can often be more harmful than it is good.
The Best Sports Activities For Kids With Our Playground Equipment?
Government guidelines advise that school children take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity at least once a day. With school five days a week and the majority of that time spent in a classroom, fitting in that 60 minutes can be a tough task.
The Differences Between Wooden And Metal Playground Equipment?
All educational settings realise the importance of playgrounds. They provide a safe space for young ones to enjoy active play, that can and often does incorporate learning without most children even realising. They also encourage exercise and allow children to run off their energy when they’re outside of the classroom.
How To Choose The Right Playground Equipment For My School?
Finding the right playground equipment for your school can be a tough ask. To ensure you’re piecing together a playground that’s beneficial in both a playful and developmental sense, actually takes a little more brain power than most might think. Not only do you need to find the right supplier, but you’ll also need to factor in consideration such as age, space, zoning and much more.
5 Benefits of Horticulture on Childhood Development
Growing a herb garden and the 5 benefits of horticulture on childhood development.
Natural / Fairytale Themed Playspace
A quick guide to creating the perfect outside space with a natural or fairytale theme.
Government PE and sport premium funding aims to improve physical education and sport delivery in primary schools through the allocation of extra funds to headteachers up until 2016. The main objective is to double the number of PE specialists working in primary schools by training teachers in this topic.
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