Outdoor Gym Equipment

Sovereign is getting gym exercises outdoors with a range of high quality playground gym equipment that uses similar movements found in gyms but challenging you with your own bodyweight instead of iron. The addition of outdoor gym equipment and outdoor fitness equipment can encourage sports, fitness and exercise on the playground or in the park, and help to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Our range of outdoor gym equipment includes a wide variety of products for aerobic exercises, such as our air walker, and strength training, such as our seated chest press. We also manufacture timber gym equipment, as well as steel, to keep our outdoor fitness equipment range in line with any style of outdoor playground.

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A Buyer's Guide for Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our wide range of outdoor gym equipment for schools, parks and playgrounds encourages sports and fitness in local areas, allowing its users to perform aerobic exercises and strength training.

Designed with junior children, teenagers and adults in mind, our outdoor gym equipment ranged can be installed as part of an existing playground or sports area, or as its own standalone facility in any park or outdoor area. Our new range of Junior Outdoor Gym Equipment includes a wide variety of products for aerobic exercises, such as our Health Walker, and strength training, such as our Strength Challenger. Children can incorporate gym exercise into their play time, and parents and children can exercise together as a shared activity. Adults may also find that our range of playground gym equipment for adults is a convenient addition, as they are able to use the outdoor gym facilities and playground fitness station as part of a warm up session before a run, encouraging more runners to the fitness-friendly park.

Please note: Attention must be given to the positioning and supervision of sports equipment in an educational environment.

Please contact us to arrange for a no obligation consultation where we can help and give guidance on layout and suitability.

Wooden Gym Equipment for Parks & Playgrounds

Our wooden gym equipment for playgrounds are manufactured in timber, suitable to more traditional playground designs or to keep in theme with playgrounds that perhaps already feature other wooden playground equipment. Wooden gym equipment also helps playgrounds with a lower budget as they are the most cost-effective solution to adding a fitness station to your playground. The timber used by Sovereign for manufacturing wooden gym equipment carries a 20 year warranty.

Steel Gym Equipment for Parks & Playgrounds

Our steel gym equipment for playgrounds provide an attractive, modern addition to contemporary playgrounds. Ideal for playgrounds that already feature metal playground equipment, and want to stay in-theme. Our steel gym equipment can be installed into grass areas, wetpour and rubber mulch surfacing. This range includes many types of outdoor gym equipment that you would typically find in a modern indoor gym, with designs and functions that are already familiar to most gym users. All our products comply with the British Standards (EN 16630) for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.

When you are selecting outdoor gym equipment for your playground, it is important to ensure that you have adequate space in your designated fitness station. Each product will detail on its page the required space needed for each modular component, so you can design your playground with accurate measurements.

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