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Playground Furniture

Playground Furniture

Adding playground furniture to your outdoors play area provides children with comfortable areas to sit and relax in between playtimes. Designed with children's specific requirements in mind, we manufacture and install a variety of outdoor furniture for children of all ages, ranging from nursery school through to key stage levels.

Our range of outdoor furniture can be used to designate playground areas of learning, quiet play, eating, performance, relaxation, and more. Catering for groups of all sizes, this collection also provides the perfect environment for young people to either chill out between classes or engage in some al fresco learning.

All of our playground furniture is hand-crafted from high quality timber by our team of manufacturing experts to ensure its durability against environmental conditions and usage.

Enjoy our collections below and find the right furniture for your outdoor play area.

Playground Furniture Guide

Sovereign's collection of hand-crafted playground furniture is manufactured in high quality timber to withstand weather conditions throughout the year. The timber used by Sovereign for manufacturing playground furniture is FSC accredited and carries a 20 year warranty, providing years of enjoyment without you having to worry about deterioration, infestation or even splinters.

Outdoor Furniture for School Playgrounds

Playground furniture enables children to congregate outdoors during break times, away from louder play areas, providing seating and playground decor which children can admire. It can be used as an attractive way to section off outdoor areas of the school grounds with designated "zones" where children can hang out, learn outside, eat lunch, and, of course, play. Our school playground furniture encourages social development between children, and our expert team of playground designers can consult on how to use your school playground's space effectively, to create these different outdoor social areas.

Outdoor Furniture for Commercial Playgrounds & Public Parks

By providing outdoor seating close by to play areas in commercial or council parks, you can encourage parents and guardians to actively supervise their children whilst they are playing. Outdoor seating is a vital component for parks and playgrounds for this very reason. For commercial playgrounds and outdoor play areas, outdoor furniture can also help to increase duration of stay on the commercial premises, as both children and adults alike are able to enjoy the outdoors. For public parks and playgrounds, the addition of outdoor furniture allows for local communities to socialise with one another in a fun, safe and comfortable environment. 

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