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Playground Funding Guide

Obtain Playground Funding with Sovereign

When it comes to developing imaginative play and learning
zones for children, there may be times when funds are not
readily available. Although you understand the importance of
providing outdoor play equipment for children and know which
equipment you want to provide, there just isn’t enough money
in the pot.

The above is especially true in today’s economic environment.
So if your plans for a new project are hindered by a lack of
funds, then applying for funding could be the natural next step.

Sovereign is taking steps to support schools during difficult times. Our trained Area Managers are helping customers take the next steps forward by supporting schools when access to financial support is hard. Our management team is experienced in working with schools to put together funding bids and has helped hundreds of customers in their quest to secure funding.

Sovereign is proud to offer a free playground funding advice service to help provide a way to enhance your outdoor play provision. All you need to do is to fill out some simple details on the online enquiry form, or call our offices and one of our financial experts will be in touch to find out some more information about your playground needs.

Submit an online enquiry form or call us on 01702 291129. Alternatively, you can email us at

Benefits of our playground funding service:

  • It's free
  • 100% success rate with previous customers*
  • Secure grants for school playgrounds or other playground projects

Why Choose Playground Funding?

Quite simply, funding can bring you the capital you need to help support your project. Nevertheless, securing financial support is not something you should take lightly. It can be a complicated procedure and the process may be time consuming and daunting. You may not know where to begin or which way to turn for help. However, the important thing is to remember that funding organisations are there to help. They receive thousands of applications every year, and in return, successful requests are granted for play spaces all over the UK.

Who is Eligible for Playground Funding?

The good news is that whether you represent an educational body, local authority or not-for-profit organisation, you could be eligible for funding. However, there can be restrictions. Each funding organisation is different, and their preferences as to who can apply may vary. Playground grants may only be available for schools, or local councils, or there could be an open opportunity for everyone, so it is important to make sure you contact the relevant body and do the research necessary prior to submitting your application.

Why is Playground Funding Important?

Funding for school playgrounds and play spaces is so important because it gives children access to outdoor facilities, opening the door to all facets of development. Outdoor learning - an increasing area of focus within schools and of equal value to indoor learning - is an important asset in every child’s development. From simply creating a classroom outdoors or establishing a peaceful storytelling area, to staging outdoor performances or using the outdoor environment to teach children about the outside world - opportunities for learning are endless. Whatever the requirement, investment into play spaces and outdoor classrooms opens a multiplicity of opportunities for growth, and can even be integrated into teaching plans.

How Playground Funding works

We will work with you to apply for playground funding, which can lead to securing a grant. We will also provide you with a plan, costing and design based on our products along with advice and guidance about the application process.

If you are successful in securing the grant, we will aim to install your new playground design within 4 - 6 weeks of the order being processed.

Funding for school playgrounds, as well as other commercial or council playgrounds, makes it possible for the installation of play equipment that grasps many benefits of outdoor learning by:

  • Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles through giving children the opportunity to engage in physical activity, movement and exercise.
  • Increasing young people’s well-being as well as developing their creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Helping children develop key abilities such as hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Encouraging children to interact with one another, make new friends and develop social skills.
  • Allowing children to experience new challenges, assess risks and manage difficult situations in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Encouraging psychological growth such as confidence.
  • Supporting the development of life skills such as problem solving, rule making, trial and error, and exploring new ways of doing things.
  • Promoting knowledge and a greater involvement in National Curriculum subjects such as Maths and English.
  • Providing opportunities for imaginative role play, inventiveness and adventure.
  • Giving children the opportunity to investigate, explore and discover the natural world.

Where to Get Your Funding?

There are various ways to apply for funding or seek further advice. Sources of funding in the UK include:


Playground Equipment Available With Funding

The following are examples of the types of playground installations you could have installed by Sovereign with the aid of our playground funding advice.

MUGA - Multi-use Games Area
Play Boat
Play Tower

*success rate prior to 22nd May 2014.